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Wurst (a wiener) and his family live peacefully in a small town. But one day, the evil Corndog Regime invades Wurst’s town and kidnaps his wife and daughter, along with many townspeople. Fueled by rage, the ex-special forces operative Wurst loads up and storms the main base of the evil Corndog Regime all by himself. He kills his way through countless corndogs before realizing that the monsters he was killing were actually his own kind, wieners, on the inside. However, Wurst decides he must endure the pain of killing wieners in order to prevent anyone from becoming a corndog ever again. He must put a stop to the evil Corndog Regime and save his family.


So Many Guns! - A handful of guns for you to wreak havoc with and upgrade!

So Many Upgrades! - Move or Reload faster, increase bullet damage, and add explosive rounds just to name a few!

Random Rooms! - This facility was built by crazy corndogs, so rooms are diverse and wacky!

Roll, Roll, Roll! - Use the form factor of being a weenie to roll across the floor to dodge bullets, avoid traps, and get  the drop on your enemies!

Future/Unrealeased Content/Improvements:

  • More Enemies, Rooms, Guns, and Attachments.
  • Boss
  • Inventory screen display weapon, weapon stats, and attachments
  • Overall improvement on some materials, vfxs, and lighting
  • Adding our awesome narrative
  • VO lines
  • Balance of Weapons, Attachments, and Enemies 
  • Custom Music/Improved Sound Effects


Movement  -  WASD

Fire Weapon  -  Left Mouse Button

Tactical Sausage Roll/Stand Up  -  Space

Pause  -  P

Pickup Attachment or Weapon  -  Walk over It

Get Room Info  -  Hover over Door

Activate Control Panel  -  Shoot It

Thanks for taking the time to check out an incredibly early look into the development of our game!


CorndogChronicles.zip 776 MB

Install instructions

Just download, unzip, and double-click the Unreal icon and play!