A downloadable game for Windows

Play as the fabled Wendigo in this student project that tries to break the trends of game development. Survive the cold winter by feasting on stranded human settlers and wild deer until you live long enough to face a true test...

Feast on the Frozen was, for all of us, our first attempt at a video game. Be aware that this game is mostly a tech demo of ideas, and lacks many important aspects such as a story, tutorials, and finished art.


At the start of the game, you are a settler who is about to die of starvation. Stranded in the mountains with a broken leg and no food, the only option is to eat your companion who has recently passed away. To begin the game, face the Unreal mannequin and press [S]. You will then become a Wendigo.

At this point, your objective is to find, kill, and eat the humans in the area. You will be alerted when you have completed the task.

Left and Right mouse button -
alternate these to move forward (like taking steps). You are a monster now and must adapt to this new locomotion.
Q / E - Left and right swing. This is your attack.
Shift - Hold this to sprint while moving forward.
S - Bite. Use this to eat enemies you have killed.
There is no user interface. The player is always slowly losing health, or what we called "gaining hunger". If you do not eat any enemies in a certain amount of time, you will die. Your hunger is indicated by screen clarity. Everything is normal at full health/no hunger, but at low health/high hunger the screen will start to blur and turn red. Kill enemies by swinging your claws until they ragdoll, then eat them. You will know you did it right when a rib cage spawns in front of you.

Power Ups
Every time you kill and eat a human corpse, you gain a new power.
1 Humans = Leap - Press Space to leap in the air. Aim high up to leap farther. If you see any tall thick trees broken in the middle, you can perch to these by holding space as you leap into them.
2 Humans = Smell - Press [A] to smell. A trail will appear in the air of scents to help you navigate the environment.
3 Humans = Scream - Press [D] to scream. This repels humans and bucks, but attracts doe for easy feeding.
4 Humans = ? Find out for yourself!


Install instructions

Just unzip and run the unreal exe!


Alpha_1.2_Game.zip 703 MB