A downloadable game for Windows

DISCLAIMER: This game was designed to be used with a sheet of paper that helps the player translate the clues. Unfortunately the page and any documentation regarding it has been lost. The game is largely unplayable and is uploaded here for my portfolio.

Malatzu is my Global Game Jam 2019 entry.


The theme that year was "home". For our entry, we decided to make a game about ancient Mesopotamia, where a young boy's dead spirit must figure out where he once lived. Inspired by GeoGuessr, the player teleports around a large open-world looking to collect special pottery that provides hints to the geographic location of the home. These hints are in another language, and must be translated using the provided language key sheet. The player must move fast, as they only have a limited time to complete the task!


Right Click - Land at location
Left Click - Return to sky
Escape - Reset Game


Malatzu.zip 218 MB

Install instructions

Just unzip and click the Unreal exe!