A downloadable game for Windows

DISCLAIMER: The game is very buggy and is basically unplayable. Due to multiple members leaving/being MIA during the Jam, the game has entered development hell with no intention of being completed.

It's New Years Eve 2019 and you are throwing the best party on the block!

Throwing a party is not as easy as it seems. You need to make sure you address any problems... and fast!

Kitchen on fire? Get a fire extinguisher and put it out!
People leaving beer bottles everywhere? Clean it up before it gets out of hand!
Unattended cell phones going off? Yeet that bad boy!

And do it all fast... take too long and your neighbors are going to go to a better managed party!

In Party of the Year, your goal is to make sure your party runs smooth. It's 15 minutes to midnight, and your end-game score is based on how many people attend!


PartyGame_exe.zip 160 MB
PartyGame_Source.zip 424 MB