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Vivian Siegler is an Antarctic explorer who happens across a decrepit government facility known as Inua. As she explore this facility, she gains the ability to manipulate matter by uncovering the dark secrets of Inua and undoing their work to trap their deity in a complex network and power source.

Radiant Dark is a puzzle-based thriller and adventure set in the cold desert of Antarctica. Players investigate the strange happenings of an abandoned government facility while solving puzzles throughout with its strange technology. The game features brutalist architecture and a minimalist graphical style that focuses on strong silhouette and identity.

- 27 Atomic themed puzzles to solve!

- Manipulate Light sources by dispensing and absorbing energy!

- Learn about the game's narrative by finding documents and audio recordings!

Install instructions

Simply unzip the file and double click the unreal icon!


Radiant Dark Version 01