A downloadable game for Windows

Radiant Dark is puzzle-thriller set in the abandoned Inua Research Facility. After an experiment to harness the power of Antarctica's Aurora Australis goes wrong, a CIA operative goes to investigate the site 70 years later. What she finds is puzzles, zombies, and a little more than she expected.


- An exciting new weapon to try - the ARTM!

- 1 unlockable ability - the laser!

- 3 atomic themed puzzles- can you solve them?

- Narrative notes to pickup and read!

How to Play:

WASD and Mouse - Move/Look

E - Interact

Left Click - Shoot

Right  Click - Stab 

Scroll Wheel - Switch Firing modes (when first upgrade found)

Players can stab zombies in order to get more energy for the laser. Zombies can only be stabbed once their energy has been removed. Removing energy requires shooting the zombies about 3 times.

Install instructions

Simply unzip the file and double click the unreal icon!


Radiant Dark Version 2