A downloadable game for Windows and Linux


Submission for 32-Bit Jam 2021!

Pick a fight with a cast of wacky characters!  Made in 14 days in Unreal Engine,  Suburban Hurtin' features 4 characters and 2 maps.  Fight in the streets, or in a bathroom!


Move:   A, D, or Left/Right Gamepad, Joystick

Jump:   W, or Up Gamepad, Joystick

Crouch:   S, or Down Gamepad, Joystick

Punch:   Left Arrow, or Left Face Button (X)

Kick:  Up Arrow, or Top Face Button (Y)

Block:  Right Arrow, or Right Face Button (B)

Quit Game:   ESC

*Controller is supported for gameplay, but we have not made it work for the character selection screen yet (at the time of jam submission).  We will update at a later date!


Chris Schickler - Game & Technical Design

Austin Edwards - Design & Generalist

Elijah Carvalho (Discord: E.C#9710) - 3D Character Artist

Abakauê - Musical Composer

Install to Play Instructions: 

Just download, unzip, and double-click the .EXE icon and play!

What we are expecting add/fix in a patch:

- 2-player support
- Proper crouching and blocking by the AI
- Textures for The Extinguisher
- Bugfixes


SuburbanHurtin.zip 144 MB
SuburbanHurtin_Linux.zip 76 MB
Alternate Google Drive Link


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Awesome fighter! Love to see more.

Haha! You made a whole video on it! Great to see it. Thanks!

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nice prototype . cool fighter

Thanks so much for playing!